April Willis Consulting supports the goals of organizations and individuals seeking the next steps in professional success.



Build your business, create a start-up, and optimize the efficiency of your systems by aligning your strategies to your actions.



Achieve your ambitions and advocate for your calling through personalized strategic planning and career coaching.

We help launch your new business, plan the future with your non-profit, develop outstanding educational institutions, and coach the brightest leaders in every industry.

We take your amazing ideas and brilliant visions and turn them into reality. We fill in gaps, prepare you for unforeseen obstacles, and support your ambition as you create your next big adventure.

With unparalleled expertise in the business arena, our consulting services are delivered with the highest standards of integrity and quality. Services include:

  • Grant writing
  • Back-office operations
  • Financial planning
  • Human resources management
  • Board development
  • Marketing materials
  • Systems optimization
  • Culture building
  • PR & social media
  • Event planning
  • Leadership coaching
  • Career coaching & resume writing

Each client has specific needs and areas of opportunity that April Willis Consulting addresses on a case by case basis. Since every client is unique, the level and type of services offered are individualized. This means we will learn where you are and where you want to be before offering you a customized quote.

Business Consulting

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Career Coaching

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