Make a One-Sheet to Standout from the Competition

Own a business? Pitching to investors or potential clients? Yes, websites, brochures, business cards, and funnels are all important, but what about your one-sheet? Have you heard about this?? A one-sheet is an incredible document with just a few components that makes understanding your brand and your offering easier for the audience. Let’s dig a little deeper…

Define It

A one-sheet is a one-page handout that highlights one unique product or service that you offer. It IS NOT a catalog of everything you offer. It IS NOT a high level overview of everything you do, everyone you serve, or all of the different markets you can cater to. It is specific.

If you have multiple offerings/services/products, you should create a one-page for each of them.

Components of a One-Sheet

In general, there are a few components every one-sheet should have, and then there are additional components that are nice to include, when available.

The Required Components

  1. Tell Us Who You Are- What is the brand? What is your motto? What is your mission? Have a tagline? What sets you apart? In other words…why you, why now?
  2. What Is the Offer- Pick ONE thing. One service, one product, or one offer. What makes it special? Get into the specifics, the details. Share everything about this offer that would make people ask, “How can I get this?”
  3. Include Photos- Don’t just tell them, show them. For products, we want to see all angles, up close and personal. For services, maybe include photos of you, happy clients, or other results of your service.
  4. Ask for Something- The call to action- Do you want them to buy something, set an appointment, schedule a consult, sign up for a list, or like your page? Whatever you want, ask for it. Don’t assume the reader knows to take action- tell them to take action.
  5. Contact Information- How can they find you, call you, email you, follow you on social media, or any other mode of communication? Include all acceptable ways of contact and links when possible.

The Bonus Components

  1. Testimonials- Added bonus, not required. If others have used your product/service and love it, share it! Buyers are more compelled to take action when they know others have been down that road and liked it!
  2. Current Partners- Who are you currently working with? What stores are selling your product? If you have large, well-known distributors, brand ambassadors, clients, or partners, use those names (if allowed).


When drafting your one-sheet, consider the following tips:

  • Use a color-scheme that aligns with your brand
  • Ensure it is easy to follow from top-to-bottom
  • Sections have clear lines of division
  • Consider using icons to enhance your one-sheet
  • Use no more than three fonts
  • Utilize the space on the page for aesthetic appeal.
  • If you plan on creating multiple one-sheets, use the same template for all of them, again for consistency. You can move images around or update info, but the overall feel should remain constant


I hope this information is helpful in drafting your one-sheets. If you would like assistance, then please reach out to April Willis Consulting, LLC and we would be delighted to work on this with you!

Now, show us what you got (one-sheet at a time).

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