Side Hustles: Supplementing Income Through Hobbies and Interests

Let’s talk side hustles! What are they, why do you need them, and where do you find them?

The What:

Side hustles are ventures you can explore in addition to your main job/career to supplement your income. You’ve probably heard about the importance of having multiple streams of revenue…side hustles are just that! You have your primary income (your full-time job) and then you have your side hustle(s) to bring in money from outside sources.

The Why:

Multiple streams of income are important because if one stream dries up (e.g. you get laid off, fired, quit, etc.), you don’t drop down to $0 coming in. You can also strategically plan your side hustles to help pay off debt, accumulate wealth (let’s be real here- you likely won’t make millions in an MLM- possible, not probable), or just have extra fun money (who doesn’t need another new pair of shoes??).

The Where:

1. Do you have a great business idea, but too afraid to take the plunge? Start by doing it as a side hustle. Build a profile and start gaining clients on Fiver, Upwork, Thumbtack, etc.

2. Join an ambassador program.

3. Sell on Amazon/Etsy/etc.

4. The list goes on and on. Money is out there, go find it!

What’s your side hustle? What hobby, interest, or low-risk business venture can you pursue to supplement your income while not losing focus of your main priorities? Side hustles shouldn’t require you to quit your day job or spend less quality time with your family, it should happen in the background. Diversifying your streams of revenue now can help you avoid income pitfalls down the road. Now, get to hustling!

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